A quick thought on x86_64: part 1

There are some major design oversights with the x64 architecture one which is particularly painful is the lack of an absolute 64bit jump. To perform a 64bit jump on the x64 architecture one needs to use the indirect jump, this instruction and the 8 byte pointer in total comes to a nauseating 15 bytes.

It did not have to be this way. The instruction JMP ptr16:32, opcode $EA, is invalid in x64, that opcode could have been used for a absolute 64bit jump. But no its invalid, a wasted opcode, could have been extremely useful but it was not to be.

When I become leader of this world this will be corrected, all existing x64 cpus will be recalled, melted down, and then replaced with a period correct recreation the only difference being that the $EA opcode resolves to a 64bit jump. I will even have all the landfills exhumed such that not a single cpu can escape the correction. All documentation will then be altered such that no trace of the abomination can ever be found. Not a soul would be permitted to ever speak of this again on pain of torture.

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